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Spreadsheets are at the heart of many business systems, either as core tools or to serve as a supplementary data analysis tool.  My objective is to provide resources and tools that will enhance your Excel experience.

I will also share solutions to some of the office hardware problems that I’ve had to solve.  For example, one of the printers in the office is a Brother 8440.  Attempting to clean the drum raised an error that would have been a service call if we couldn’t find a quick solution.  The error reads “Machine Error 78 – Shut down and Call Brother.”  Not very helpful.

We Googled the error message and found a site that offered a variety of solutions  http://www.fixyourowncomputer.com/forums/laser/26155

If removing the toner cartridge and re-inserting does not solve the problem, try the following solution to eliminate the error:

  1. Unplug the printer and wait several minutes.
  2. Plug the printer back in and HOLD down the menu key while the printer starts up.
  3. Press * 9 then 1 for parameter initialization
  4. Press * 9 then 9 to perform a full reset

The solution worked and the problem has gone away.


About excelytics

Webmaster and Founder of Excelytics. Established 22-Jun-2010.
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